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What Works
Its All About You, Our Philosophy
“What lies ahead of us and what lies behind us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us” - R.W. Emerson

Each of us possess our own unique individual natures, inbred subjective talents, traits, attributes and virtues. We were not born to be the same person. However, most education systems around the world are bent on teaching at an objective dimension where the successful experiences and breakthroughs of others are set as a a benchmark. Information learned is perceived as knowledge. And based on our education system, this so-called 'knowledge' and educational benchmarks are the tools that needs to be accumulated in order for future success. This process of education suppresses the natural gifts and thinking talents of students, resulting in dependence on others, loss of confidence and lack of principles.

We realize that the most important asset you have is, you! You are able to accomplish a life full of choices when we facilitate you to discover and understand who you are, what you want and unfold the innate potentials that you already have. It's only a matter of revealing what has been clouded and unleashing the awareness you have of yourself.

At Lifeworks, there's no one else that we're more focused on but you. Tagged with the motto, It's All About You, we have designed our programs to various participants from all walks of life to understand and realize that we are responsible for our own thoughts and actions, as well as the results that we create in our lives. There is no one who's gonna live your life for you. No one else is gonna be in your shoes, living under your skin, seeing things through your eyes. The only person that can make a difference in your life is you. Life is about the choices you make now.

It's your life and IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!
Discovering Your Innate Potentials, Our Concept
The prime-movers for any organization's development efforts do not lie within policies, budgets, charts or graphs; it lies within every single member of the organization. Therefore, the first step before Lifeworks conducts any of its training programs is to look within the organization and its members, and undergo an analysis of what the organization really needs and what sort of training is to be implemented. An organization must first be aware and study its aspirations and expectations that govern what it is striving for. In order for a transformation to occur, a framework needs to be set out to rediscover individuality and create a change. Whether you're a student or a working professional, it is highly important to encourage creative thinking as well as individual performance. In most cases, most training programs that have been conducted are methodologically poor and little attempt has been made to focus on the importance of individuality that sets the performance for future revolutionary trends. Billions of ringgit have been spent on training programs to improve employees' skills and abilities only to discover that most training programs are remotely close to achieving that goal. Lifeworks aims on setting out a framework by closely examining and positively changing the way we think and act, hence, increasing the performance of individuals whether in their personal or professional lives.

We will facilitate you to learn the tools, generate your own insights and astound yourself with the results of your inner potential. At Lifeworks, we are dedicated in creating a roadmap leading to a life that works for you.
Aware. Awake. Arise, Our Methodology
“The things we have to learn before we do them, we learn by doing them” - Aristotle

At Lifeworks, our method of teaching evolves around what is known as experiential learning. We strongly believe that only through experiential learning an individual is able to make reflection and conceptualize the experience directly to make a change in their behaviour. Experiential learning is a process whereby you reflect and analyze the direct exposure of your experience. You will be physically, mentally, and emotionally actively involved in the experience.

Our programs provide participants with opportunities for self-exploration and growth. As the participants push themselves beyond their comfort levels, they are able to grow and learn more about themselves. Through experiential learning, participants are able to reflect on their experiences of the activity and relate those experiences to their daily lives. Lifeworks is dedicated in transforming that one-time experience into long-term positive changes. Experiential learning is not only about being aware of an individual's talents and potentials but also to accept and respect each others' limitations. As participants combine those experiences with the awareness of their individual potentials, they will instinctively find the ability to develop cooperation and trust within other participants, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively in a group.