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About Us
What is Lifeworks?
Lifeworks Consulting Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned Malaysian company specializing in organizing and conducting programmes, trainings, workshops, and camps designed to unfold human potential. At Lifeworks, we believe in the innate potentials and subjective talents that every human being is born with. Our programmes are designed to cultivate the human potential and revolutionize their values for it to be integrated into their life.

At Lifeworks we cater our training programmes for all walks of life and it is tailored to give our participants a fully experiential approach to learning. Our training programmes have successfully impacted our participants from the corporate, government and public sectors helping us to continually begin to grow consequently through the amazing breakthroughs of our participants.
At Lifeworks, we envision ourselves as becoming the primary faculty in providing a conducive learning environment for people to unfold their innate potential.

Based on the framework of our vision, it is Lifeworks' primary mission to facilitate in creating a roadmap leading to a life that works for you.

Our core principle demands high standards of ethical conduct in everything we do. Lifeworks is committed to upholding our very belief that every individual is born intelligent with their own uniqueness, their own innate subjective talents, and their own potential to turn possibilities into actuality. There is no limit to what a person can do and Lifeworks facilitates in breaking those boundaries that they have set for themselves.

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