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Creativity Trainings
“Though some have believed one system, and others another, almost all have been of opinion that a great deal was known; but all this supposed knowledge in the traditional systems must be swept away, and a new beginning must be made” - Bertrand Russell.

We are living in the age of creativity. Creativity is all about challenging your perceptions and simply establishing ideas by escaping old perceptions. The fact that your mind tends to make a judgment before the perception of a situation is fully constructed, is exactly what constricts your ideas of value, thus constricting your creativity. What drives us to make decisions and judgments are our feelings and emotions. When these feelings and emotions are allowed to act on a perception before we start thinking, stereotypes, cliches, prejudices, standard opinions and inevitably, conflict, are set.

In order to be creative, there must be passion and enthusiasm. Discard the myth of gifted geniuses who were born creative. With enough encouragement, enthusiasm, passion, and above all, practice, anyone can be the next Shakespeare.

“Perceptions are real even when they do not reflect reality, just as fears may be unreasonable but not unreal” - Edward De Bono, founder of Six Thinking Hats.

As long as you are able to break down the perceptions you have of yourself and others around you, your creative thinking and potentials will not be limited and Lifeworks will facilitate in unfolding your potentials in any aspect of your life and have it work for you.
Science of Creative Thinking (SoCET) Our Science of Creative Thinking program is our new revolutionary self-discovery and transformation program designed to enable you to become creative, effective and efficient. Bear in mind that in order to be creative, new perceptions must be created. Through this program, we provide the necessary tools for you to unravel new perceptions of yourself and the people around you, and as you do, you will find yourself unraveling your ability to progress successfully through life by being creative.

Whether you choose to participate in our 1 day SoCET program or our 2 days SoCET program, The “Science of Creative Thinking” program is not merely a one-off organizational training program. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating interactive program that will bring a great positive effect on an individual’s insights, behaviors, idea-provoking thoughts and thinking patterns that will ultimately unfold your potentials.

To date we have successfully conducted the “Science of Creative Thinking” program to various organizations and the success of the program has been enormous. We believe that as long as participants are able to commit themselves and sincerely participate, they will get the results they want.
Business Creativity Business Creativity Discovery Workshop is a program in which the participants from your organization will learn to leverage inherent creative talents, increase levels of motivation and productivity, and commit to embracing the process of continuous innovation that is essential to nurture future growth.

Many employers want people who see connections, have bright ideas, are innovative, communicate and work well with others and are able to solve problems. In other words, they need creative people. Managers and executives in most companies realize and are aware that their creative potential greatly exceeds their creative performance. Many of these creative plans that occur in the companies are not planned for, and come from where they are least expected. It is impossible to determine and predict what they will be, who will be involved, when, and how they will happen. This is the nature of corporate creativity, and it is here that a company’s creative potential really lies. For corporate creativity, the real power is the unexpected, and the key to it lies in these anticipated creative acts.

With our 2-days Business Creativity Discovery Workshop, you will be sure to see the employees of your organization perceive logic differently, allowing them to generate more ideas which consequently enables them to willingly move forward in a positive and exploring way.