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The word 'leader' in today's world is now synonymous with individuals bearing the name Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Benazir Bhutto, to name a few. With such prominent individuals as an idea of what a leader is, most people will automatically underestimate their own capabilities and potentials to be a leader when they size themselves up against such promising individuals. Living in the 21st century, the idea of being a leader is coupled with the idea of it having too many responsibilities. By having this mindset, most people choose to be 'safe' and allow themselves to become followers instead. Having this 'safe' mindset is not at all wrong. However, in becoming a follower, bear in mind the question: How is it working for you?

Being a leader is not about giving orders and expecting people to follow them. As quoted by Professor Moshe F. Rubinstein of University of California Los Angeles, “Great leadership requires partnership collaboration, innovation and creativity from everybody.” So what is the difference between all these famous leaders and yourself? What did they do that you didn't? That is what you will discover in our training programs at Lifeworks.
Leadership at Work Through Leadership at Work, we allow the participants to learn about themselves; their potentials, their communication skills, their ability to work with people, and ultimately their leadership skills. The one thing that these prominent leaders had in common was that they had the right desire, enthusiasm and willpower to achieve their goals; a trait that most individuals do not posses. Our training program expand the minds of our participants and it allows them to create new possibilities for themselves. You do not need to have a title or hold a high position in an organization in order to become a leader.

In order to become a leader, you must first learn to understand and know yourself. Being a leader is about expressing and putting your best upfront with the aim to transform something for the better as well as to develop this potential in others.

Lifeworks' Leadership at Work develops a sense of awareness and ownership which will allow our participants to showcase their potentials and their leadership skills. Lifeworks will enhance this ability of theirs to motivate not only themselves but also motivate a group of people towards achieving a common goal.