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Safety & Health
What if you had the opportunity to give someone another chance to live? Whether it's your child, your father, your neighbour, your colleague, or just another random stranger that needs to be saved, do you have the necessary skills to save the life of that person in need? Or would you just leave it in the hands of the paramedics once they finally show up?
CPR & First Aid Lifeworks offers you that opportunity to learn basic and advance life saving skills. It is a program in which participants will be required to do hands on training for most parts of the course. There will also be lectures on the basics of CPR and trauma care. Participants will also be required to sit through a written test by the end of the course.

If you happen to be a care provider where taking care of people is a big part of your life? For example parents, teachers, or employers, it would be highly beneficial to take up this course.

The syllabus is based on internationally accepted standards of guidelines of the American Heart Association as currently adopted and practiced by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. In accordance to guide lines of the Malaysian Medical Act.