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Team Building
In order to be competitive in today's global arena, teamwork and collective performance is essential. For every aim, goal, mission or vision to be successfully met, a good and effective team is much more desirable than individual perfection.

One of the main reasons why a team fails to work together is due to the lack of effective communication among team members. Working in a team isn't as simple as most people think. It requires the right communication with the right habits. Some individuals in a team may be less expressive than others while other team members may not be good listeners, allowing miscommunication to happen. Furthermore, most teams tend to fail when personal goals collide with team goals, creating lack of motivation for an individual to excel in that team. What makes it more challenging for a team to be successful is if everyone on the team is concerned with who deserves the credit.

These many factors that contribute to a failing team is exactly what Lifeworks aims on eliminating. At Lifeworks, the program have been specially designed for team building in which our trainings are built in a right team environment that is fun, friendly, and positive. The training program that are offered at Lifeworks facilitate in building communication skills, tasks planning and problem solving. Our training program include challenging ropes courses that not only develop your inner potential but also your communication skills, your ability to work together and also reflects how you build relationships with other people.
Team Building in The Wilderness Retreat Team Building in the Wilderness Retreat is our 2 to 3 days training program designed to create a natural and back to basics environment for organizations to experience team building in a natural platform, outside of their urban comfort zone. It gives people an opportunity to understand, realize and appreciate nature as an important element in our lives. The program provides a system for participants to work in a team to prepare and achieve their objectives as well as enabling participants to think creatively on how they are going to achieve their goals with limited resources. In today's world where technology makes everything so convenient for us, especially in the workplace, we tend to fail to use our creative faculty in order to make us more innovative. Participate in our Team Building in The Wilderness Retreat to experience team bonding outside of the usual training platform.
Strategic Team Building The Strategic Team Building Discovery Workshop is designed as a 2 to 3 days in-house training program aimed at creating a valuable framework for individuals to understand their behaviour as well as the behaviours of others around them. By creating this framework, individuals are able to develop an organizational bond that would be paramount in setting the performance for future revolutionary organizational trends. Whether it is to be applied at school, work, or even as a family, we will facilitate you in creating that framework that will enable you to work effectively and creatively.