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Do you always find yourself to be stuck in a rut, filled with everyday stresses that hinders you from giving your entire attention, thus leaving you mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted? Sometimes you juggle too many things at once that you don't even have time for yourself anymore. When the strain and the pressure from completing all those tasks start to pose a threat on your health, your well being and your piece of mind, all you want is to find inner peace and disconnect yourself from your daily routine. As the world gets more evolved and our society grows to be more complex, finding inner peace may seem like reaching the horizon in the desert.
Tranquility: S.E.L.F. Retreat Program Lifeworks' Tranquility: S.E.L.F. Retreat is where our participants will learn to fulfill their lives with all the beauty of nature's surroundings and feel empowered by the new senses that will be awakened through this program. This program will awaken you to the enormous energy hidden within you and will help you put it to maximum use for achieving a better, blissful, productive as well as an effective life.

This wellness program will take you away to a 2 to 3 days nature getaway where you will discover how to release both your physical and mental tensions. By incorporating a revolutionary holistic methodology of stress management, your awareness of your body and its limits will increase and permits you to manage your stress better.