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We have a selection of programs that complement each other to meet your organization’s professional development goals. We help develop skills, gain experience and achieve career success. Below are some of our active training programs which have been carefully designed by the Lifeworks Crew. 

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Strategic Team Development (STRATEAM)


Each of our team-building programs is personally curated by our team, with the primary goal of assisting you in resolving any work-related issues. We can cater to your team-building needs and objectives, as we have a wealth of experience in various fields, as well as comprehensive modules and activities. This allows you to cross off programs and activities that are no longer relevant so that you may devote your time and attention to issues that will help your team perform better.

Graduate Employability Enhancement


Graduate Employability Enhancement is a practical and dynamic training program designed to help fresh graduates equip themselves with all the necessary skills and tools needed to be able to function productively in an ever-changing and challenging work environment. Fresh graduates must be able to demonstrate abilities in attitude and aptitude to grow professionally. 

Employers often look at the bigger picture, not just educational background and knowledge and it’s critical that graduates truly understand the importance of developing these skills in order to be attractive in the eyes of potential employers.

Industrial CPR & Trauma Care


First Aid training is required for many industrial job sites. Industrial workers are exposed to unique scenarios and hazards. It is important to know what to do in an emergency. Industrial CPR & Trauma Care will prepare them to act quickly and confidently in cases of emergency. Industrial work environments can be hazardous, therefore it is essential that employees understand the basics of first aid, CPR and AED.

Many types of injuries can be treated with basic first aid techniques and procedures. We provide professional training in compliance with the standards and regulations of the American Heart Association (AHA), Malaysian Ministry of Health and Department of Safety and Health Malaysia. An industrial first aid program’s purpose is to provide all necessary knowledge and skills to assist injured employees until trained medical help arrives.


Workplace Excellence (WoPE)


An organization is made up of its people, not robots, and creating a valuable workplace is crucial in motivating an employee. For any business to be successful, it boils down to the services that your people provide. As the working environment is constantly changing, it is also crucial for personal skills to be enhanced, sharpened and refreshed on an ongoing basis.

Science of Creative Thinking (SoCET)


This program was conceived bearing in mind the challenges that working adults face as they settle into the next phase of their working life. The program is designed in such a way to equip these adults with the necessary ‘Creative Thinking’ skills in facing the challenges of the 21st century. A practical approach with experiential methodology makes this program a one of its kind creativity program for all levels of people in an organization.

Dynamic Transformational Programme


Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

The Dynamic Transformational Program is Lifeworks’s Self Transformational discovery program designed to improve participants’ abilities to understand and implement various ways and steps in Self Transformations. It embraces both the emotional and physical aspects of an individual.

The program is highly personalized, based on a personal set of circumstances, goals and priorities. It supports the journey in reaching full potential by giving access to a strong blend of coaching, learning and development. The information provided in the program is unique, precise, and of high quality. Through a mix of peer-to-peer learning, practical workshops and hands-on experience, this program teaches participants the fundamentals of dynamic transformations.


Employee Engagement - A Staff Retention Programme


Employee engagement is our Staff Retention Program developed with the current trend and rate of attrition. It primarily focuses on creating a two-way platform between higher and lower management and creates a unique way of aligning all parties’ grievances and enabling employees to resolve conflicts in a much more diplomatic way and promote engagement. It also assists employers in developing a culture of trust and respect, which results in higher productivity and lower staff turnover. This program encourages employees to be appreciated, remain longer and contribute to the growth of the organization. Understanding the benefits of employee engagement and how it will affect business is an important factor for business growth.

Leadership Executive Advancement Programme (LEAP)


When you’re focused on your organization’s future every day of every workweek, it’s vital that you are well equipped to optimize your company’s performance—as well as your own career—with executive leadership training. What does it mean to be an executive leader? It means you’re a visionary, a trailblazer, a strategist, a communicator, a coach, a diplomat and a politician. Pride, commitment and camaraderie. Those are the words you describe your team.

Executive Development Programme


The Executive Development Program (EDP) is designed to provide middle and senior executives/managers with the essential business skills and knowledge needed to be productive in their current roles while preparing them for the next level, as future-oriented leaders. The EDP focuses on the practical skills needed to be successful in selecting, developing, retaining, motivating, and rewarding high-performing workers.

Understanding and strengthening interpersonal relationships with others is an essential skill for every executive. These training courses will allow executives to become better leaders. It aims to provide participants with the tools and insights to become stronger leaders capable of dealing with today’s complex business challenges. The best leaders are those who have been trained by the best leaders.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to critically evaluate their own leadership, management and business skills and identify ways to improve them.

Business Simulation Workshop


Business Simulation Workshop is a business simulation game that teaches participants about entrepreneurship in a safe and accessible way by allowing them to make vital decisions in many areas of management that are critical to running a successful business. Those who wish to be entrepreneurs or want to improve their soft skills can utilize this platform to learn how to work in groups and deal with challenges. It is a fun method to learn about business principles, play the role of an entrepreneur in a realistic business environment and run your own business without taking any risks.

Participants will gain insight into the types of decisions that a small business owner must make, the degree of difficulty and effect of those decisions and you will be able to test out different ways in the safe environment of a virtual enterprise. This simulation should provide you with a basic grasp of how to get their business off the ground.

This program can also be customized to cater to managers in an organization to experientially learn and make vital decisions in an organization that would be too costly to make in real-life scenarios.

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