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As a member of our collaborative crew, you will learn, discover and develop new skills and interests. We’re looking for someone who is always eager to learn and enthusiastic about everything they do. Development and learning opportunities are an integral part of our corporate DNA.

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The Lifeworks Crew

You will enjoy the prestige and pride of working alongside a bright, diverse and dedicated crew in Lifeworks who constantly strive to push boundaries.

Trainers/ Instructor

Become a trainer/instructor and expand your knowledge with others, publish your desired course and manage how you want to with the features provided and our teaching systems. Furthermore, our online learning platform; MENIMBA is a great place to kick start your online course.

Training Facilitator

Join our Crew as a facilitator during the upcoming programs. You will assist the participants through a set of learning materials to ensure they get the most out of the content.


InternCubator™ program is a Lifeworks Consulting initiative that is designed to equip students with real-world work experience and opportunities to apply their ideas that will enhance their employability. Through structured learning, continuous feedback and supportive colleagues, InternCubator™ is a wonderful way to get a pre-intern experience and learn valuable skills.

Our four-weeks program gives students the tools and know-how they need to discover their innate potential. Students will be exposed to new technologies within the working environment. Upon completion, the students will be ready to start their actual internship journey with the selected Host company.

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