Our Programs

Program Categories

“Empowerment through diverse training categories: from leadership to technical skills, each path shapes greatness with knowledge’s guiding light.”

Corporate Training

  • Strategic Team Building (STRATEAM)
  • Strategic & Effective Leadership (STRIVE)
  • Workplace Excellence Program (WoPE)
  • Dynamic Transformational Program
  • Graduate Employability Enhancement Program
  • Staff Retention Program
  • Executive Development Program

ESG Training

  • Circular Economy Practices Training
  • Renewable Energy & Clean Technology Training
  • Human Rights Due Diligence Training
  • Biodiversity Conservation Training
  • Sustainable Finance and Green Investing

General Administrative Training

  • Email Etiquette Training
  • Effective Payroll Management
  • HR For Non-HR Managers
  • Financial Management Training
  • Office Security and Access Control Training

IT & Cybersecurity Training

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
  • Comptia Security Training
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Security Training
  • Secure Coding Training

OSHA Training

  • Industrial CPR & Trauma Care Training
  • 5s Mastery at Workplace Training
  • Workplace Ergonomic Training
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • Confined Space Entry Training

Softskills Training

  • Science Of Creative Thinking (SoCet)
  • The Art Of Exceptional Customer Service
  • Mastering Business Writing Skills
  • Mastering Business Presentation Skills
  • Mastering Business Communication Skills

Technical Skill Training

  • Talenttrove: Unleashing Recruitment Excellence
  • Conquering WordPress with Confidence
  • Introduction To Google Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing Basics
  • Adapting & Thriving in The World of Ms Excel

Seeking tailored training solutions to meet specific organizational needs, enhancing skills, productivity, and overall effectiveness through customized learning experiences.

Our Top Programs

We have a selection of programs that complement each other to meet your organization’s professional development goals. We help develop skills, gain experience and achieve career success. Below are some of our active training programs which have been carefully designed by the Lifeworks Crew.