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Our approach to training and development results in an impactful and progressive experience that provides you with a return on investment in knowledge. Our services cover the area of in-house and public training, learning process outsourcing (LPO), learning & development consulting, e-learning and Training Needs Analysis (TNA). The goal is to design appealing training journeys for individuals and organizations that will assist them in improving their professional skills and work efficiency.

We designed our programs to help individuals realize their full potential at all levels by equipping them with critical soft and technical skills and empowering them to achieve the highest levels of success and professional fulfillment.

In-House Training

Our in-house training programs are tailored to provide innovative value-added training to the demands of your business, organizational objectives and the employees’ individual needs. Our expertise in working closely with organizations to understand their goals and specific requirements, by providing the best in-house training solutions at the most cost-effective.

Public Training

Our public training programs are impactful and open to anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge, develop specialized professional skills, improve performance, obtain certification, or perhaps look for an advance in their career. Our diverse selection of short training programs will provide you with the skills, mindset, and resources you need to achieve your objectives. Our training programs include a variety of face-to-face and workshop options.


Learning and development (L&D) are fundamental to the growth of any business, regardless of size or industry. It helps in the identification of organizational and individual strengths as well as development opportunities. Outsourcing the services you require only when you require them can make a significant difference. Outsourced L&D programs can be created in a variety of ways, including physical training, e-Learning, and a hybrid approach. Outsourcing training will be a key factor in ensuring the success of your technology implementations.


Our e-learning has been made simple. Introducing, MENIMBA. The online learning platform is designed to enable people from all levels to continue learning and upgrade their expertise, in a much simpler and formatted way. It offers simple and effective access to online courses from recognized experts and educators.


Visit MENIMBA for more info.

L&D Consulting

We provide a wide range of consulting services to our clients to help them better plan, implement and measure their learning initiatives. We shall assist along the way by developing an effective learning strategy in identifying key learning challenges and the best solutions to overcome them. We will provide with all of the assistance and guidance you require to achieve the best possible results and return on investment.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs, goals, and desires, as well as to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your training program. Our dedication includes sharing our methodologies and resources, as well as providing insightful, experienced, and friendly guidance. We’re here to support your learning team unpick complicated challenges, to help you better understand your function, how it’s performing and to provide greater insight into what your learners think.

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Identifying technology to aid learning programs
  • Translation services for learning content
  • Planning effective learning strategy & design
  • Defining content strategy and task analysis
  • Defining the right approach for assessments
  • Promote continuous learning at all levels

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

- Benjamin Franklin-